Forage to Feast Interns at Ananda

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Abundance and Aums at Ananda

This is about a month out of date but here’s how my trip began:

After 27 gruelling hours of buses, tubes, planes and immigration issues I arrived at Ananda Village which is a small spiritual community at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California. Here I am taking part in a permaculture intership and working part-time with the Karma Yoga program which is like doing a work/exchange in an ashram.

The permaculture garden is beautiful environment to visit. It is the visionary work of two inspiring mentors, Alex and Devadasi. They nurse the land with a combination of permaculture, biodynamic and organic farming methods which will ensure sustainable soil and will motivate future food growers for years to come. Spiritual practices and plant communication may seem a bit wacky to some but it’s evident that the garden responds positively to all the extra intentional TLC. It’s hard to believe it’s level of abundance having only sprung up 6 short years ago.

Once a week we visit the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm to help with the harvest. CSA’s are fantastic! The community gets wonderful organic produce from the farm in exchange for a morning or afternoons work each week. Everyone involved learns basic permaculture gardening principles, they understand the effort that goes into organic produce production and appreciate the fruits of their labour from seed to table! I love this concept, especially for those who can’t afford to buy land or don’t have the time to tend to a garden everyday.

The Expanding Light Retreat Center:

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