A day in the garden

Written By: Intern Amanda Mei, Yale University

A life affirming, spirit-growing time at Permaculture. I have expanded my soul through interactions with Devadasi, the workers, and the plants. It is no ordinary feeling. In the morning, we began with a prayer. I led for the first time in remembrance of the warmth and sunshine provided to us by our mother the Earth and father the sky. I listened to the sound of other voices merging with my own. Then I was uplifted when we recited a mantra together:

“Great gurus, Master, Swamiji, the devas, we thank you for the light that blesses this land bringing everyone and everything that is needed to fulfill the highest dharma for your holy permaculture gardens.” – Daily Prayer

I went off to pick Korean bush cherries in the lush area behind the house. One small tree could yield nearly half a bag of the small red fruit. But I could not begin without setting the intention to pick berries consistently for use by the people in the house and community. I asked that the tree help me in finding the ripe berries and bringing them into my hands and bag, and although I expected no physical miracles, I was at least open to the possibility that the good berries would end up in my bag, and that the bad berries would fall to the ground or remain on the bush. I was pleased to find that many small berries and parts of leaves were prevented from falling into my grasp, and that some good berries fell so that the tree could spread its seeds.

I was still in a state of awe when we returned to the patio. The karma yogi Brendan and I were given the simple task of arranging flowers on the drying racks. We got to talking about the realm of possibilities in nature. I asked him about the astral world and dream world and world of planets and stars, and he responded with affirmations of extraordinary belief. The conversations we have in a state of suspension expand our belief in a universe that can be sensed but not seen.

After a brief meditation, I moved inside for lunch with Devadasi. She had just returned from a week in the outside world of the material East Coast. We shared our ideas about the present and future, the great trend of these times that we cannot perceive on the normal scales of life. We talked about how the communication and relationships that exist between human beings and the rest of the supersensible universe require willpower, concentration, and focus. We examined the state of things today and agreed that they were symbolic of the spiritual state of our country and time, and forebodings of the future. We talked about the ideals of manifesting matter through belief and the struggles of overcoming weakness of the material body. We shared more than a lunch hour of conscious growth.

I returned to the gardens with a new and profound respect for the relationships that grow here between people and plants. The communication that goes on is not only the day-to-day banter of volunteers and residents but also the conscious attention of plants and people to each other’s needs, the conscious attunement of man to the universe, and the greater ebb and flow of nature that balances out on the universal scale of things. Nothing in the ordinary world can possibly compare.

Ananda Permaculture will continue to expand its influences in the world of material and burgeoning spiritual consciousness. New products, new relationships, new possibilities will be created. As long as our ordinary actions align with the will of the earth and sky, then here will be everyone and everything that is needed to fulfill our highest dream.

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