Spiritual Life


File_000.jpegWhat is life like at an intentional community, like Ananda Village?  There is no way to describe the vibrant life of a yogi whether if you are old, young, single or married with a family. This diverse environment provides vast opportunities for anyone seeking a spiritual life in a community where yoga and meditation are the main focus of their lives.

“Ananda is so much more than I ever imagined.” – Jillan B., Tucson, AZ.

Here is a collection of videos we think encompasses life here.

“The fun you are having together is real because you’re making it, creating it and you are not looking to something outside yourself to make you happy.” – Rachel A., Ananda Assisi, Italy

“Adults are interested in all these self help and spiritual success books and we do not give that to kids. And we do not recognize that is the crux of what we are missing as a society.” – Kamran, Ananda Living Wisdom School